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Generating A Solid Annuity Lead Program

For those financial products salespeople out there who are looking to power up their income and their sales prospects, generating a solid annuity lead program can be very important, not only in the short run but also in the long run. There is a saying in sales that you need to really work at growing your garden in order to eat from it for the long term. When it comes to selling annuities, this can make a lot of sense.

That’s because any salesperson can go out and purchase leads for just about any sort of item, including annuities. And though purchasing a few leads should be a part of any good program, when it comes to developing likely prospects, it is not usually the case that the best salespeople live exclusively off of leads that they have paid some broker for.

Rather, all good financial products sales people have certain program elements that they include in order to give themselves the best chance at developing and then converting leads into positive sales. Much of these activities can be looked at as growing a garden, with tending that garden being the follow-up aspects of a successful program. First of all, one needs to understand the sales environment.

What this means is that failing to look at every prospect as an opportunity to make a sale will doom any salesperson to medium performance, at best. And one develops the opportunity to make a sale by doing certain kinds of sales development activities. One such activity is to sponsor and hold seminars about annuities, which almost every salesperson fails to take complete advantage of.

Opinions vary on how many times to set up seminars (and they can be held just about anywhere and for any targeted audience such as those approaching their senior years, for instance) but one thing is for sure; do the work necessary to bring in the maximum number of people desired to begin building a quality prospect list from that seminar. After all this is still a number game.  And always remember to give out useful and helpful information on annuities. This establishes you as a valuable resource.

Another helpful activity — and one that is increasingly ignored in this Internet age — is to develop a good mailing list. This doesn’t mean just e-mails but rather, quality mail outs that provide useful information to the target audience. In general, annuities are attractive financial products for those who are becoming a bit older, so keep that in mind when tailoring a leads program.

Radio advertising of all types (Internet radio or traditional radio) can still be an excellent way of advertising annuities or other financial products that are being sold. Getting the word out via a radio seminar or straight up advertising can really do wonders for your annuity lead development. Of course, what is done after the annuity is sold is also extremely important in terms of tending that garden. Happy customers are more than willing to provide quality endorsements and referrals, and this is where your garden will really start to flourish.

And one way of both growing a garden and tending it is by making maximum use of the Internet in every way possible. E-mails, streaming videos, advertising, article marketing… You name it, and chances are it will come in handy in not only finding likely prospects but also keeping up with them and working to earn referrals and possible repeat business in the future.

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More Sales Through Annuity Leads

Developing annuity leads is not an easy task. It takes time to generate a good list; and taking care of it is a definite requirement. Otherwise, it will not last. Advertising does help. It will direct prospective clients to you. But you can also outsource annuity leads which give you extra time to close a sale.

Still, your customers really are the best source of those leads. Your family, friends and co-workers are also good sources. Having word spread that you are reliable and that you are trustworthy is the best way to develop that list.

Now, to be reliable means they can depend on you. For this to happen, you need to know and act on their needs. A client will want to know if there is any document, they need. This may be documents on annuity checks or perhaps annuity policies. In case an annuity happens to be in the payout stage, the customers will require tax returns. If it is not possible to sell the annuity at fair market price, a 1035 exchange may be considered. Certain exchanges may be suitable in some cases.

Ways of doing business continually change. Methods of advertising to promote businesses change as well, but one thing is for sure, “Word of mouth” will always be the best way to advertise. One may also advertise using the internet. To do this, one must have his own website. You can set up a professional website that uses affiliates to help you network.

Use banners. Place them around the net. Optimize targets and keywords. This will place your website ahead of others during search engine results. For an advertising campaign to be really successful, your site should at least be on the first page when the search engine returns results. Most people don’t bother clicking on ‘next’ or page ‘2’.

For those really good at closing sales, buying an ‘annuity lead generation list’ also has its advantages. Lists must be delivered within 48 hours. One will find contact numbers of people who are already interested even before they receive your call. The annuity leads may be requesting some information or they may request a call to purchase an annuity as investment. Often, annuities are also part of their retirement plans.

According to statistics, 5% to 10% of those on the list will purchase a plan. Maximize your opportunity to sell by contacting your annuity sales leads at the soonest possible time. If you take too long, you may find that they have already changed their mind or have bought somewhere else. The thing about annuity lead generation lists is that there is no guarantee as to the number of contact numbers you will get. Moreover, there are many scammers on the net; so be very careful.

Because annuity leads contain contact numbers of people who are already interested in buying, they increase the probability of a closed sale. In addition to the contact numbers, one can also find their prospective clients’ demographics, including annual income. This allows you to be well-prepared before giving them a call; and expecting your call also increases your chance to close the sale.

To generate annuity leads is not an easy task. The need to invest time and effort is undeniable. However, these intangible investments will reap profits. In addition, using the right channels, people will buy annuities from you. Give your clients enough information. Educate them and make them see why buying from you is the right choice. And always remember that with each sale comes the potential of five more.

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Raise Your Annuity Sales With Leads

The best way to raise your annuity sales is with an efficient list of leads. A list of leads will develop and generate sales if you do not let the list sit and go stale. If you have a long list of annuity leads, you should outsource them and you can close the sale.

The oldest method of obtaining leads still works today. Your customers are your best lead sources. People need to trust whom they depend on with their money and word of mouth is still the best. As a general rule get five names from every person interested in buying annuities.

When working online you will need to drive people to your site. Optimize your keywords and targets and get your site on the front page of the search results. Place banners on sites that cater to the older  age group, you are targeting. You need to run a promotional campaign continually.

Buying annuity lead lists have the advantage of providing the demographics and the persons annual income. When you call a lead, you already have ideas of what to offer them. Your list needs to be fresh and people should be contacted within twenty-four hours. These leads are requesting information and are obviously thinking of  investing.

Many people think about buying annuities for their retirement years. The stats show that roughly five to ten percent of decent leads convert. This is a good sign and works best when the sales are up to ten percent. This should be your goal to get past the five percent average.

You need to build a rapport with your prospect quickly so they will trust you. Trust is the biggest factor to gaining sales. The strong sales’ pitch is so worn out no one wants to hear it. Just talk with them and not to them, communication is the key to annuity sales. You can get annuity leads all day but your presentation and closing is all that really counts.

Talk to prospects about annuity facts and how annuities earn money. Do not leave out the negative factors, everyone expects more negative than positive so they will appreciate your candor on both negative and positive facts.

On your website, include testimonies of customers to give others confidence to stay and work with you. Show pictures of yourself and make it easy to find phone numbers and anything that connects the lead to you as a person.

Offer a video educating the prospects on understanding annuities and about buying, and selling them. A video you will make once and will only have to explain annuities once, and think how many times the video will be played. When you talk with them on the phone and they are not sure what to do, send them your video.  Providing your own educational pieces, such as video and print articles provides credibility.

Providing live support or chat is a wise move so you do not lose anyone wanting specific information at that moment. People that respond to your advertisements and find little information at your site will keep going from site to site until they find what they are looking for. Time is very important in this business of annuity sales.

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Get More Clients Using Annuity Leads

When you are an annuity agent, you need to get as many leads as you can. You should consider purchasing a list of leads. If you do purchase leads, then make sure that you use the leads quickly or you will lose the leads altogether. You should make sure you make first contact within the first few hours that you get the list. This will ensure a good chance with the lead.

While advertising helps you get more customers, it is really the leads that you make the most money off of. While you can get some good leads from friends, co-workers, family and anyone you happen to come across, the proven method is to get leads via annuity lead generation. This will get the word out that you are a trustworthy and reliable annuity agent.

You can purchase annuity leads on the internet from a good number of companies. When you buy a list you need to make sure that you get one that has exclusive annuity leads so that you don’t have to share them with anyone. You don’t want to have to compete with anyone else. Make sure that you act on the leads as soon as you get them. When you wait, you will be competing with many other agents. That is never good.

About ten percent of the people on the annuity lead generation list will normally buy. This is what statistics say. There is no guarantee that the leads that you get will purchase an annuity, but at least you have a good shot at it. You should make sure that you take advantage of the leads that you get to make sure that you get the ten percent.

You can go online and find a lot of reputable companies that will sell you an annuity leads list for a decent price. They will sell you either  nonexclusive or exclusive annuity lead lists. The difference between the two is how many people are given the same leads before you.

It can be hard generating annuity leads on your own. Leads are the one way that you can really gain new clients. You will see your profits really rise just by getting good, qualified annuity leads and acting on them right away. Act on them withing the first two hours.

It takes time and effort to sell annuities. Not just anyone can make a living at it. When you are a good salesman, you can make one lead into five and five into ten leads. Take advantage of what you have. When you use these tips, you will see your profits really begin to rise. Don’t be shy, buy annuity leads and start getting more clients right away. You will be glad they did.

Annuity leads are a great thing to buy and they are really worth the money. You will make far more money off of them than you pay out for them in the first place–at least from the reputable companies.  Become more successful and make more money- get annuity sales leads. You will be glad that you did.

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Searching for Annuity Insurance Leads

Annuity insurance leads are a great financial tool that offers you an easy way of boosting your income. There are several methods of finding annuity insurance leads with each one having the ability to create a great deal of revenue for you.

Annuities are ways of investing money and are generally sold by insurance companies. There are several types available and each one has its own bonuses.

Even though they all have different properties, they tend to share a couple base properties. The first shared trait is if they pay out instantly or if their payments are deferred. The other is if the annuity is fixed or variable. Fixed annuities will give you a promised fixed monthly payout, and variable will provide tax deferred income.

The best thing about finding annuity insurance leads is that it will help you, as a salesperson, in making a better source of income and a great commission. Annuity lead generation can be especially helpful to those who are just starting out in the insurance sales field.

Searching for Annuity Leads

There are many ways of finding annuity leads and each one will bring in a good amount of money. Although some of them are thought to be more successful than others, they all work in their own ways.

One great way for generating more leads is by obtaining contact lists. They are inexpensive and a great marketing tool for any company that deals in insurance sales. There are many online companies that have readily available listings in their full and comprehensive databases. The listings are all online and you will have access to them twenty four hours a day.

Your insurance software is generally a great way of obtaining leads. Take the time to search through all of the files and you may be surprised by how many listings you can pull out of the database. It is a quick way of using resources that are already available to you.

Your email often has many leads as well. Although there may not be an entire database of leads in your inbox, most services have an internal search engine where you can find hundreds of possibilities.

There are some web services which offer complete listings of people who could be possible leads. In the insurance sales you sometimes need to use your imagination to pull leads from places that might not be expected to be a possibility.

If you want to pull leads in without much work then you may want to consider putting up your own website where people can see the services you offer and contact you on their own. This is a great way of generating annuity leads and will take very little effort on your part. It is not recommended that you do this as a primary lead generator, but it is a nice supplement.

Finding annuity insurance leads does not have to be difficult. With a little bit of effort you can easily pull in a very lucrative income from seeking out a few leads. Just make sure that you fully utilize your personality and communication skills when following up on all leads. It is likely that the person you are talking to has heard the same song and dance many times before.

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