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Generating A Solid Annuity Lead Program

For those financial products salespeople out there who are looking to power up their income and their sales prospects, generating a solid annuity lead program can be very important, not only in the short run but also in the long run. There is a saying in sales that you need to really work at growing your garden in order to eat from it for the long term. When it comes to selling annuities, this can make a lot of sense.

That’s because any salesperson can go out and purchase leads for just about any sort of item, including annuities. And though purchasing a few leads should be a part of any good program, when it comes to developing likely prospects, it is not usually the case that the best salespeople live exclusively off of leads that they have paid some broker for.

Rather, all good financial products sales people have certain program elements that they include in order to give themselves the best chance at developing and then converting leads into positive sales. Much of these activities can be looked at as growing a garden, with tending that garden being the follow-up aspects of a successful program. First of all, one needs to understand the sales environment.

What this means is that failing to look at every prospect as an opportunity to make a sale will doom any salesperson to medium performance, at best. And one develops the opportunity to make a sale by doing certain kinds of sales development activities. One such activity is to sponsor and hold seminars about annuities, which almost every salesperson fails to take complete advantage of.

Opinions vary on how many times to set up seminars (and they can be held just about anywhere and for any targeted audience such as those approaching their senior years, for instance) but one thing is for sure; do the work necessary to bring in the maximum number of people desired to begin building a quality prospect list from that seminar. After all this is still a number game.  And always remember to give out useful and helpful information on annuities. This establishes you as a valuable resource.

Another helpful activity — and one that is increasingly ignored in this Internet age — is to develop a good mailing list. This doesn’t mean just e-mails but rather, quality mail outs that provide useful information to the target audience. In general, annuities are attractive financial products for those who are becoming a bit older, so keep that in mind when tailoring a leads program.

Radio advertising of all types (Internet radio or traditional radio) can still be an excellent way of advertising annuities or other financial products that are being sold. Getting the word out via a radio seminar or straight up advertising can really do wonders for your annuity lead development. Of course, what is done after the annuity is sold is also extremely important in terms of tending that garden. Happy customers are more than willing to provide quality endorsements and referrals, and this is where your garden will really start to flourish.

And one way of both growing a garden and tending it is by making maximum use of the Internet in every way possible. E-mails, streaming videos, advertising, article marketing… You name it, and chances are it will come in handy in not only finding likely prospects but also keeping up with them and working to earn referrals and possible repeat business in the future.

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