Annuity Leads | How Annuity Sales Leads Can Raise Your Sales

How Annuity Sales Leads Can Raise Your Sales

Annuity leads can raise your sales into some big numbers, assuming they’re the right kind of annuity leads. First of all, what is an annuity lead? An annuity lead is the contact and some demographic information of a potential buyer. No one enjoys the prospect of cold calling to get a foot in the door, especially if you have a product that needs some explanation. Most people will not stand there and listen to a 2 minute spiel about a product that they did not have an original interest in.

The right kind of annuity lead will get you in front of the people that might have an interest, along with the type of income that you are looking to do business with. You need both parts of the equation to make the sale. If you have someone that has absolutely no interest, than it does not matter how much money they might have, they will not be buying your product. If the person cannot afford your product then it would be a waste of everyone’s time to talk about something that they cannot obtain.

So what are the right kinds of annuity sales leads? One of the best leads that you can get is the lead that you generate yourself. By advertising on the internet or by direct mail, you will reach a broader audience. The people that respond with their contact information have an interest, hopefully some knowledge, and they will most likely have the capital to buy your product. The internet tends to cost a lot more than mailing out postcards; however, if placed on the right website more qualified prospects will see your advertisement.

Put up a stand at a local festival or attend networking events. Any thing to do with seniors is a good place to start. This is great way to generate leads and sometimes you can do your sales pitch right at that moment. Timing is everything in sales. If the person is right there asking about your product, you already have their interest and that will go a long way when it comes to  sales.

When you are getting back to people at a later time, many things can happen between the time they supplied their information and the time you call or appear to pitch your product. Loss of interest is usually the most common one.

If you are selling annuities then you are looking for people with a certain amount of capital, so another source to get good annuity leads are from the people that you just sold to. People tend to socialize with other people in their same income bracket. And people tend to buy the same things that their peers buy. Referrals are a great resource to help increase your sales.

You might be tempted to purchase a list of annuity leads but remember several things. You do not know how these leads were obtained. If the leads were a result of people trying get a free gift at a trade show or the result of the click here on a given webpage, then you pretty much figure that it will be a total uphill battle to even get your foot in the door. Finding a reputable lead generation company can be challenging, but when you do it can be rewarding.

Always keep in mind that annuity sales leads will only help your sales if they are the leads that will land you in front of the people that are willing and capable of buying your product.

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