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Raise Your Annuity Sales With Leads

The best way to raise your annuity sales is with an efficient list of leads. A list of leads will develop and generate sales if you do not let the list sit and go stale. If you have a long list of annuity leads, you should outsource them and you can close the sale.

The oldest method of obtaining leads still works today. Your customers are your best lead sources. People need to trust whom they depend on with their money and word of mouth is still the best. As a general rule get five names from every person interested in buying annuities.

When working online you will need to drive people to your site. Optimize your keywords and targets and get your site on the front page of the search results. Place banners on sites that cater to the older  age group, you are targeting. You need to run a promotional campaign continually.

Buying annuity lead lists have the advantage of providing the demographics and the persons annual income. When you call a lead, you already have ideas of what to offer them. Your list needs to be fresh and people should be contacted within twenty-four hours. These leads are requesting information and are obviously thinking of  investing.

Many people think about buying annuities for their retirement years. The stats show that roughly five to ten percent of decent leads convert. This is a good sign and works best when the sales are up to ten percent. This should be your goal to get past the five percent average.

You need to build a rapport with your prospect quickly so they will trust you. Trust is the biggest factor to gaining sales. The strong sales’ pitch is so worn out no one wants to hear it. Just talk with them and not to them, communication is the key to annuity sales. You can get annuity leads all day but your presentation and closing is all that really counts.

Talk to prospects about annuity facts and how annuities earn money. Do not leave out the negative factors, everyone expects more negative than positive so they will appreciate your candor on both negative and positive facts.

On your website, include testimonies of customers to give others confidence to stay and work with you. Show pictures of yourself and make it easy to find phone numbers and anything that connects the lead to you as a person.

Offer a video educating the prospects on understanding annuities and about buying, and selling them. A video you will make once and will only have to explain annuities once, and think how many times the video will be played. When you talk with them on the phone and they are not sure what to do, send them your video.  Providing your own educational pieces, such as video and print articles provides credibility.

Providing live support or chat is a wise move so you do not lose anyone wanting specific information at that moment. People that respond to your advertisements and find little information at your site will keep going from site to site until they find what they are looking for. Time is very important in this business of annuity sales.

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